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The Alabama Education Conference is a program started in 2016 by the Alabama Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The goal of the conference is to provide nationally and regionally known speakers on Southern History and Culture to tell the true history of the South and its people, leaving out the myths and distorted views taught over the years by the mainstream sources. The Alabama Division subsidizes a portion of the cost of the event which greatly reduces the price so the event can be affordable for all budgets.

Four speakers will focus on topics related to a general time frame, tying together a period of our history and culture which continues to intrigue people, looking back at where we came from and what our future holds.

The Alabama Education Conference is open to anyone twelve years old and older. It is open to the general public. There is a special price for students 12 years old to 17 years old and SCV camps are encouraged to sponsor students, teachers and others to the event at the camps expense.

Join us in Prattville for this year’s conference. Registration form is on this web site. For more information contact 1st Lt. Commander Carl Jones.

2019 Alabama Education Conference Registration Conference Link